Life is Strange Launch Trailer and Dev Diary Part 3
Life is Strange Launch Trailer and Dev Diary Part 3
Episode 1 releases tomorrow. New launch trailer unveiled as well as part 3 of the three part Developer Diary.
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Life is Strange Video Diary Part 2 - The Butterfly Effect - Jan 28, 2015

The launch trailer for Life is Strange was just unveiled ahead of tomorrow's release of the first episode "Chrysalis."

Launch Trailer

About the Game

After a five year absence, Max (voiced by Hannah Telle) returns to Arcadia Bay, Oregon as a photography student at the Blackwell Academy. She re-unites with her old friend Chole Price (voiced by Ashly Burch) who's father died the year Maxine left town. While mourning her loss, Chloe finds support in a girl named Rachel Amber who goes missing under suspicious circumstances. Max and Chloe investigate Rachel's disappearance, and on their journey, unravel the city's hidden secrets.   .

However, Maxine Caulfield has a unique ability - the ability to rewind time. As the trailer highlights, life's about choices. What if you could change those choices. Max's ability to rewind time allows the player to undo choices and change the story's outcome.

Developer Diary Part 3 - Creating Arcadia Bay



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