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  • In short, Casanova isn't a bad game if you want some pants-charming-off-deformed-computer-generated-women action. But if you wanted a quality adventure game, I'd look somewhere else.
    Note: This review was originally published February 13, 2002 Casanova (kas-e-nov-a) n. 1. A ro
    06/16/16 | Review | by Adam Rodman
  • If Bermuda Syndrome were a Hollywood film, it would surely be an instant hit. I mean, it's got dinosaurs, dinosaurs getting their heads blown off, primitive villagers, primitive villagers getting their heads blown off, and a topless female lead.
    Release Date: 1995 Note: Review originally published January 1, 2009 Adventure games and side-
    05/05/16 | Review | by Adam Rodman
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