Dawn Appelberg
Dawn is an active gamer, with her favorite platform MMORPGs.  Since the earliest Pong and written choose your own adventure style games on the Commodore 64, she has been a part of the gaming community since before it was mainstream. While she does play console, most of her gaming preferences is computer based. A retired army veteran, Dawn lives in Washington State with her husband and three kids. She homeschools her kids, runs a national homeschooling network, earned two Bachelors (Psychology and Criminal Justice) and is now working on her Masters in Constitutional Law. She also is the Executive Officer for a sports complex and runs the nonprofit which works with it. On the side, she works with radio personalities to find sponsorships that meet their audience target.  
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  • What happens when you steal Gomo's pet dog?
    Gomo is a creature which, while sleeping loses his dog to a bad guy. However upon awakening finds ba
    12/19/13 | Review | by Dawn Appelberg
  • Dawn Appelberg provides a second opinion on Quest for Infamy, indie developer Infamous Quests' RPG, which is done in an old-school VGA graphical style
    There isn’t a gamer alive who hasn’t at one time or another, thought of some sarcastic snark reg
    07/14/14 | Review | by Dawn Appelberg
  • Dawn Appelberg weighs in on this sophisticated look at the Cinderella story
    Cinders - Interview with MoaCube Lead Designer Tom Grochowiak- May 11, 2014 When I received Cinders
    05/19/14 | Review | by Dawn Appelberg
  • If you've been yearning for a surreal, challenging and unforgiving puzzle game, Forever Entertainment serves one up right here
    How many times have you heard players complain about how easy a game is only to scream at the system
    05/22/14 | Review | by Dawn Appelberg
  • Dawn Appelberg reviews Blackbay Asylum. Step into the shoes of a psychopathic inmate in Blackbay Asylum, a horror adventure game chock full of off-color humor!
    Normally I keep spoilers out of my reviews. With that in mind I’m giving fair warning that there a
    08/08/14 | Review | by Dawn Appelberg
  • Its unique control system and beautiful design makes it one of those refreshing new games that makes reviewing fun.
    Of the thousands of games released every month, only a few really break new ground. As with Hollywoo
    10/08/14 | Review | by Dawn Appelberg
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