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  • Solve the mystery and get out of sticky situations with this walkthrough!
    Prologue - Los Angeles (2005) Play as Victoria Mc Pherson   Victoria Mc Pherson got a call f
    05/30/09 | Walkthrough | by Crash
  • An interactive game with an attitude, show it who's boss with this walkthrough?
    Another interactive adventure game with an attitude. But this time, they make something different. W
    03/13/97 | Walkthrough | by Crash
  • It's elementary, my dear reader, that you can use this walkthrough to guide you through any trouble!
    This is the second case of Sherlock Holmes. It has better story than the first one and become more
    12/31/96 | Walkthrough | by Crash
  • Don't be a redshirt ever again with this walkthrough!
    THE MURDER OF AMBASSADOR KARIGRepair the containment field on the left panel, do this by matching th
    12/21/96 | Walkthrough | by Crash
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