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  • Greg Collins takes us on a journey through the wilds of emulation as he attempts to get some older adventure games up and running
    I came to adventure games late. I missed the entire Infocom text adventure era and most of the Lucas
    06/18/14 | Editorial | by Greg Collins
  • Editorial
    Is patience the best virtue over using a guide and giving up the challenge?
    The first adventure games I played, back in 1999, were Myst and Riven. I only threw Myst into the CD
    06/17/13 | Editorial | by Greg Collins
  • Five big ones that got away, and signaled the end of an era in adventure gaming
    The Egyptians left the great pyramids at Giza, the Mayans left Chichen Itza in Mexico's Yucatan. But
    12/15/12 | Editorial | by Greg Collins
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