Ian Sims

Ian is a video game addict with no hope for recovery. He spends his days trapped inside JRPGs, platformers, and adventure games. His favorite games include the Borderlands series, The Walking Dead, Final Fantasy Tactics, Super Meat Boy, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Given his penchant for emotional games and the horror genre, he hopes Oculus is developing a VR system that is resistant to his tears.

Ian graduated from The Ohio State University and now works in Wisconsin as an Implementation Consultant at a software company. He is the Editor ‘n Chef of SilverSporkNews.com, a millennial food website. Ian owns a Virtual Boy and hopes that someday someone will actually care.

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  • So far, despite encountering some bumps, Final Fantasy XV has been an absolute joy to play
    Genre: RPGRelease date: November 29, 2016 After ten years, the most anticipated RPG of th
    12/18/16 | Preview | by Ian Sims
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