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Kemal Ure is an avid adventure gaming fan, artificial intelligence nerd and death metal bass player. He got hooked on adventure games at 1998 when he first played Grim Fandango. Later he discovered Myst and Gabriel Knight, which led him to start a personal quest on playing all the adventure games ever published. After years of gaming he discovered that he has a lot to say about adventure games and started writing reviews at his personal blog. Eventually he started writing for JustAdventure at 2014. He mostly prefers games with challenging puzzles and dark stories.


He is currently a professor of aerospace engineering at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. He got his PhD degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at 2015. When he is not teaching at the university or playing adventure games, he spends most of his time playing bass for various metal bands and composing music. He publishes bass playthrough videos regularly at his YouTube channel.
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  • Overall, I enjoyed Deathtrap much more than I expected to. The magnitude of content is impressive; there are tons of different combinations of traps and upgrades with which to experiment.
    Genre: Tower Defense with strong RPG elements Release Date: October 22, 2014 (Early Access); Fe
    01/05/15 | Preview | by Kemal Ure
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