David Kim

David Kim is a self-professed gamer geek who's whiled away countless hours on Adventure, RPG, and RTS games. Topping his recommended Adventure Games list for recent releases are Grim Fandango Remastered, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and The Walking Dead. 


When he's not playing adventure games, expect to find David laddering in StarCraft II or doing another arena run on Hearthstone. David is best playing Terran but wishes he could play Zerg competently. His favorite class in Hearthstone is Mage.


David moved to Tampa, FL in 2010 from NYC, and is glad he doesn't have to deal with NE weather and the outrageous costs of living in the city.

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  • Lukasz Kubiak talks to JA's David Kim about Kholat, an adventure-horror game based on the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident.
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  • "Feminist Frequency" creator Anita Sarkeesian weighs in on the Gamergate controversy and the pervasiveness of sexism in video games with Stephen Colbert.
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  • Visionaire Studio is best known for their game engine used in such notable titles as The Whispered World and Deponia. They are now developing a game themselves titled The Mystery of Oak Island! Check out the Kickstarter campaign.
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  • The RMS Titanic is coming to life in Titanic: Honour and Glory by Indie Four Funnels Entertainment. JA Talks with Tom Lynskey. Also, join the podcast honoring the 102nd Anniversary on 4/14/14.
    Indie dev Four Funnels Entertainment is bringing the RMS Titanic to life in a first person, adventur
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  • The upcoming release of Bosch's Damnation this spring represents the 10th game in the Carol Reed series. JA interviews Mikael Nyqvist of MDNA Games about the latest chapter in the Carol Reed mystery adventures.
    The Carol Reed detective adventure series by MDNA Games has developed a devoted fan-base over the ye
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  • Just Adventure talks to Alan Thorn about Mega Bad Code, a 3rd person point and click adventure - for those with a taste for sci-fi, the weird, and the unsettling.
    Hi Alan, I know you have a busy schedule, so let me thank you for taking the time to provide Just Ad
    02/06/14 | Interview | by David Kim
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