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  • To investigate a serial murder case that seems to have ties to the past, play as both Victoria McPherson in present-day Chicago and her grandfather Gus, seventy-five years earlier in Prague
    Genre: Mystery/Thriller AdventureRelease Date: April 2005Platform:  PC, XboxNote: Originally pu
    01/25/18 | Review | by Shannon Hall-Harris
  • As Amadeo Finvinerro, travel to the island known as Dead Reefs to solve the mystery of the horrifying madness that's overtaking its residents.
    Genre: Mystery/HorrorRelease Date: July 2007 (N. America)Platform: PCNote: Origi
    06/22/17 | Review | by Shannon Hall-Harris
  • ...I personally have nothing but good things to say about this game. In fact, the only problem I have is that it’s too short, and that just means I’m greedy.
    Note: This review was originally published November 17, 2005 Ever wondered whether it’s possible
    05/19/16 | Review | by Shannon Hall-Harris
  • For anyone who was intrigued by the puzzles in Myst but lacked the OCD characteristics needed to complete the game, this is for you
    Note: Review was originally posted September 21, 2005. Also, screenshots 2, 3 & 4 are not indica
    01/07/16 | Review | by Shannon Hall-Harris
  • Discover what the 19th Century, the moon, drooling aliens, and a rooster have in common
    Genre: Sci-Fi AdventureRelease Date: August 2005Platform: PCNote: Originally published 21 September
    12/01/12 | Review | by Shannon Hall-Harris
  • Encounter murder and political intrigue that could destroy the French royal family as you assist Nostradamus in finding a cure to a deadly curse
    Genre: Historical Mystery AdventureRelease Date: October 2008Platform: PC Note: Originally publishe
    07/14/12 | Review | by Shannon Hall-Harris
  • What begins as a short expedition to Prague turns into a dangerous and thrilling mystery involving Nazi secrets and the demise of the Mayan civilization
    Genre: Sci-Fi / Mystery / AdventureRelease Date: 2005Platform: PCAlternate Title: NiBiRu: Messenger
    07/11/12 | Review | by Shannon Hall-Harris
  • Danger awaits on a forbidding island where you, as Jim Hawkins, must overcome tests and traps set by Long John Silver, hordes of pirates set on vengeance and a much darker presence lurking in the forest
    Genre: Mystery AdventureRelease Date: 2007 Platform: PC Note: Originally published October 3,
    04/04/12 | Review | by Shannon Hall-Harris
  • CSI: Hard Evidence offers an even more authentic experience than ever before, with improved visuals, more lab equipment to use, and more investigative features.
    Fans of the CSI series have a 4th chance to become part of the popular crime-busting team…but will
    01/21/08 | Review | by Shannon Hall-Harris
  • After writing the review for Bone: Out From Boneville, I received feedback from readers who felt that while the game was great, it was just too short for the money.
    After writing the review for Bone: Out From Boneville, I received feedback from readers who felt th
    07/16/06 | Review | by Shannon Hall-Harris
  • The game centers around Martin Mystere, a professor and FBI agent extraordinaire who’s called to investigate the brutal murder of esteemed colleague Professor Eulemberg.
    When I first set out to play Artematica’s Crime Stories, I really wasn’t expecting much. Let’
    04/03/06 | Review | by Shannon Hall-Harris
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