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A gaming freakazoid, Ray enjoys games on all platforms. Also loves board games, mind games, and all puzzles. Co-wrote the Entertainment Tonight trivia game and designed puzzles for two Law & Order PC games. Also a movie freak, bookworm, and travel bug. Thinks games of all kinds are a highly underappreciated force for social good, not to mention mental and psychological health.


Ray's favorite adventures include the "Broken Sword" and "Journeyman Project" franchises, "The Dark Eye," "The Feeble Files," "Sanitarium," "Limbo," "Machinarium," "Riven," "The Neverhood," and "Azrael's Tear." His favorite non-adventures include the "Thief," "Uncharted," and "Ratchet & Clank" franchises, all of the Bioware RPGs, Skyrim, and Final Fantasy XII.


Ray writes about the movies for the Bryan/College Station Daily Eagle, which is the old-fashioned thing called a "newspaper." He's been on eight game shows. He's taught in seven countries and has visited twenty-one. His favorite classic movie star is Barbara Stanwyck and his favorite novel is "The Hotel New Hampshire" by John Irving.

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  • On what would have been Randy Sluganski's 59th birthday, Ray reminisces about their friendship
    If you’re like me1, one of the biggest delights of any friendship is the likes and hates you share
    04/26/15 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • In the final installment of his E3 report, Ray discusses a great game, discovers a big game-related blunder in the LA Times and engages in some silliness
    Dragon Age Returns!! My final Top Five Best of Show game is one I’ve been looking forward to for
    07/05/14 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • A continuation of Ray Ivey's adventures at this year's at E3, featuring two more picks for the Top Five Best in Show
    This penultimate installment of my annual E3 report features two of my picks for Top Five Best in Sh
    07/03/14 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • In the second of several installments, Ray plays pinball, fights nasties to the strains of classical music, engages in brutal combat amid pastoral and urban beauty, checks out a JRPG and plays Final Fantasy characters while listening to Final Fantasy music
    Coolest Weird Idea:  Rollers of the Realm I spied the next one of Top Five Best in Show titles dur
    06/20/14 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • In the first of several installments, Ray Ivey shares his impressions of the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers remake, Quest for Infamy and the Oculus Rift, from "the annual orgy of promotion and glitz known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo"
    SO I just spent most of last week at the annual orgy of promotion and glitz known as the Electronic
    06/16/14 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray Ivey plays Bad Game-Good Game, with this obviously being the good one
    Part One: How to Design a Bad Game: I Am Alive by Ray Ivey In Part One of this series, we examined
    04/16/14 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray Ivey tells us why this game is "as fun as drinking a nice hot cup of lard"
    Part Two: How to Make a Good Game: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons by Ray Ivey There’s doing it wron
    04/14/14 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • When Our Stupid Aging Bodies Betray Us and Try to Force Us to Stop Playing Games
      Oh, The PainI once told the IT Director at a firm I where I was teaching that I was a gamer. 
    11/20/13 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • This Week’s Game Money Matters…and Why They Matter
    I’m not exactly a financially savvy person, but this week I haven’t been able to avoid thinkin
    09/27/13 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray wraps up his coverage of E3 2013
    The games in this edition of my 2013 E3 Report are not for the faint of heart!  In addition to bein
    06/30/13 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Zoe and Kian return in a long-awaited sequel, Sherlock Holmes returns to solve more crimes, and a game full of shadows that's set in the 1920s
    The story so far:  The dual themes of this year’s E3 coverage are Shadows and Special Powers.  T
    06/23/13 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Fun with Ray and Jane, and a game that's full of rain
    From Jane Jensen:  Moebius There are two themes running through my favorite games at E3 this year:
    06/18/13 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • A book review by Ray Ivey. You remember books, don't you? Well, this one's related to gaming!
      Book Review: Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal   The author just comes right out and says
    06/17/13 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray Ivey reports goings-on from the first day of E3
    As I drove downtown this morning, I reflected on how lucky I am that E3 is in Los Angeles every year
    06/12/13 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • When tribe-hungry Ray finds himself without a tribe, he lands in World of Warcraft where his tribal needs are, once again, satisfied
       I must be tribal by nature.  I’ve always enjoyed doing things in a group.&nbs
    04/16/13 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • It blows...it sucks...it reeks
    NOTE:  My apologies for the blatant overuse of ALL CAPS in this piece.  When I get this angry, t
    04/16/13 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Continuing in the curmudgeonly style he first revealed in a recent rant against Samsung Customer Service, Ray takes on some major game companies
      1. Sony and Blizzard.Almost three years ago I began making the following prediction about Bliz
    04/11/13 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray Ivey and friends spontaneously turn a single-player game into a group effort
    I generally think of adventure games as solo affairs.  Usually.  Most of the time when I’m playi
    02/02/13 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray Ivey has been harassed by too many relentlessly respawning enemies
    I’m sorry Zelda, but we have to break up. And before you get upset, let me assure you, it’s not
    01/17/13 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • A good friend pays tribute to a staunch supporter and great advocate of the adventure game genre/community and a wonderful human being
    I knew Randy Sluganski by reputation long before I knew him personally. I was a reviewer at another
    11/09/12 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray Ivey keeps us in suspense no longer
        Quick trivia question: What’s the most successful gaming platform of all time? Nope, not
    10/04/12 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Intrepid reporter Ray Ivey gives us the lowdown on E3 2012
    Well, my feet are still recovering from the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo, but my fingers are s
    06/28/12 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray, a longtime fan of the Final Fantasy series, wonders how FFXIII went so wrong
      I’ve played a lot of Final Fantasy. Not everything in the canon, but I’ve done pretty wel
    06/20/12 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • After having played the first Quest for Glory years ago, Ray ponders tackling the other four games in the series
      Quest for Glory was already an old series when I became a serious gamer. The fifth and final
    06/14/12 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Nine game projects Ray Ivey would most like to see Kickstartered
        Fads can be fun:  flash crowds, hula-hoops, Rubik’s Cube, cocaine.  Fads can be silly: 
    05/18/12 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
  • Ray Ivey gets both Just Adventure and himself excited about the upcoming release of Diablo 3.
      I loved Diablo. I loved Diablo II. And like many other gamers, I’m eager to get my hands on
    05/11/12 | Editorial | by Ray Ivey
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