The Time for The Watchmaker is Almost Upon Us
The Time for The Watchmaker is Almost Upon Us
From Micropsia Games and 1C Company, this steampunk puzzle-adventure for Windows is arriving May 17th; a playable demo is available now
Posted: 05/04/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Micropsia Games | Publisher: 1C Company | Platform: Windows

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It's Time to Announce The Watchmaker - August 6, 2016 

Time is collapsing! Someone has sabotaged the clock tower, causing clock-keeper Alexander to begin aging rapidly. He must find the culprit and repair the damage before he dies of old age.

The clock tower is enormous and houses a steampunk world of giant mechanisms. Alexander will find his efforts to restore time's natural flow thwarted by enemies and other obstacles, and will encounter many puzzles that must be solved. There will also be platforming and boss fights with which he must contend.

Armed with only a magnetic glove and guided by a mysterious voice, Alexander must gather and manipulate time in order to stay alive. He will also uncover the mysteries and strange past of the clock tower during his race to deal with the temporal anomaly.

Developed by Micropsia Games and published by 1C Company, The Watchmaker is to be launched May 17th on Windows via Steam and other online outlets. If you'd like a taste of things to come, a playable demo has been released and is available for download on the game's Steam page.

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