Alaska Hits Steam on February 22nd (Currently Available on GameJolt)
Alaska Hits Steam on February 22nd (Currently Available on GameJolt)
Go Northwest, Young Man! A new life awaits…
Posted: 02/09/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Wreck Tangle Games | Publisher: Wreck Tangle Games | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

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Wreck Tangle Games Releases a Pre-Alpha Teaser for ALASKA - March 6, 2017 

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood  

Wreck Tangle Games (WTG) is a one-man development studio founded by Orion Moon (aka Adam Reed). With a background in music, directing, and writing, Mr. Moon decided to use his talents to develop story- driven games. His first game, GiAnt, was released in 2016 and presents the world through the eyes of an ant. With Alaska, WTG has moved on to human interactions with the goal of involving the player emotionally through narrative and character development.

You play Alaska from the first-person perspective of Blake, a young man who has come to Alaska to redefine himself. The first half the game focuses on your integration into a small town. You get to know the residents and participate in activities such as ice skating, fishing, hunting (don’t worry, adventurers - wildlife does not normally shoot back!), and chopping wood. These activities are presented as “mini-games” to keep the player engaged in the Alaskan community.

Darkness Comes  

Eventually, a murder is committed and the tranquility of small-town life is shattered. After a body is discovered on the town’s airstrip, your focus shifts to solving the murder and figuring out if your neighbors are friends or foes.

WTG describes Alaska as “a dark and twisted tale” which will keep the player “gripped from start to finish.” Mr. Moon promises to capture the beauty of Alaska in the graphics and set the tone with original music. Excerpts from the game’s soundtrack can be listened to on SoundCloud  .

For additional information on Alaska visit the  game's website. The game is is currently available on GameJolt and will hit Steam on February 22nd.

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