Destination Primus Vita Will Reach End of Kickstarter Campaign December 15th
Destination Primus Vita Will Reach End of Kickstarter Campaign December 15th
Developer Epsilon Games asks for your backing to push its episodic, sci-fi, first-person narrative puzzle game over the top; a playable demo is available
Posted: 12/14/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Epsilon Games | Publisher: Episolon Games | Platform: Mac, Windows

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In Destination Primus Vita, six characters are sent on a four-year mission to retrieve water. Their water, actually. All of which was stolen centuries before.

Collectively, the six characters are known as Crew 121. All must enter cryo-sleep, with the ship's AI constructing special simulations in the form of puzzles to help prepare them for the mission.

Each of the game's six episodes will feature a different character. First up, you'll meet Austin Blair, a quantum physicist who is the key to the mission's success.

Montreal-based developer Epsilon Games has assured us that Destination Primus Vita will be "unlike anything you've played before." The team will offer a live stream on Kickstarter  during the last two hours of the campaign this Friday, December 15th, from 3PM to 5PM (Eastern US). Come and meet everyone!

The plan is to release the game on Windows and Mac in March 2018 (estimated). If you like what you see, please consider giving Destination Primus Vita your backing.

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