Riddle of the Sphinx: Awakening Opens Its Eyes on Kickstarter
Riddle of the Sphinx: Awakening Opens Its Eyes on Kickstarter
The point-and-click adventure, originally released in 2000, is getting a facelift
Posted: 11/03/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Old World Studios | Platform: Ios, Android, Apple tv, Windows, Mac

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Remember Riddle of the Sphinx, the prerendered 3D point-and-click adventure released the better part of 18 years ago? (I suddenly feel old.) It's a game that had been six years in the making, and it was very well-received.

Well, hang onto your bloomers and fast forward to the present. Riddle of the Sphinx (now with The Awakening tacked onto the title) is being overhauled and will feature enhanced HD graphics, newly rendered scenes via an advanced rendering engine, and a blazing fast game engine.

Have a look...



New gameplay is being added to the original. Also, there have been many technological advances since 2000, and great pains are being taken to reproduce real-life environments in exacting detail.
You'll explore the Great Sphinx and go inside the Great Pyramid to explore the Grand Gallery, the King's Chamber and the Queen's Chamber. You'll enter rumored hidden chambers, secret tombs and passageways, and more. You might even discover lost treasure.

The original game featured 640x480 renderings (Yikes! The Stone Age!). ROTS: The Awakening will feature enhanced HD 1080p resolution. Quite a difference, eh?


The game will offer over "50 million sq. ft. of detailed 3D environments" and "over 100,000 sq. ft. of exploration." (Can you say, "HUGE?").

Further, ROTS: The Awakening will be family-friendly. It will offer "intellectual challenges and historically rich environments." You might even learn something.

Lastly, the game will be released in both mobile and desktop formats, and Apple TV is planned. As it stands, ROTS: The Awakening will be launched in September 2018 for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Meanwhile, please consider backing the game on Kickstarter. The campaign runs until December 16, 2017.

It's up to you to solve the Riddle of the Sphinx.

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