Indygo Is Set to Arrive October 24th
Indygo Is Set to Arrive October 24th
Here we have a game that strives to raise awareness about depression
Posted: 10/10/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Pigmentum Game Studio | Publisher: Fat Dog Games | Platform: Windows

Polish publisher Fat Dog Games has released a gameplay trailer for Pigmentum Game Studio's Indygo, a game about depression, to mark World Mental Health Day.

Indygo is a narrative game with adventure and point-and-click elements. It takes place in the workshop of an artist suffering from depression. The game's purpose is to provide insight into the nature of the disorder.

Players will explore the painter's inner world and his relationship with his girlfriend Anna. Together, they search for answers. The game has multiple endings based on decisions made by the player during gameplay.

Krystian Mucha, Pigmentum Game Studio: All too often depression is not taken seriously or, on the other hand, becomes a stigma. We strive to give the players a deeper insight into the thoughts and actions of those, who are suffering from this mood disorder, which is why we consulted our game with mental health specialists and people who have gone through depression.

Dariusz Skrzypkowski, CEO, Fat Dog Games: The project is unique, not only due to its social engagement, but also thanks to the handmade graphics designed by Fine Arts Academy students and an original soundtrack, which adds a deep, overwhelming feel to the game.

Indygo is being developed for Windows and will launch October 24th on Steam.

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