Phoenix Springs: From Ashes Into Flight on Kickstarter
Phoenix Springs: From Ashes Into Flight on Kickstarter
The Truth is out there in Phoenix Springs. Your job is find it!
Posted: 08/10/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Calligram Studios | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

The Phoenix Takes Flight

Calligram Studios is an independent, three-person development studio based in London, UK. Their talents include writing/direction (Florian), illustration (Eleanor), and sound design/composition (Alex). In 2015, they began drafting Phoenix Springs as a movie script. The script evolved to a point at which Calligram decided that a video game might be a better medium for telling this story. The adventure game format provides a more interactive experience and allows players to better explore the story and landscape, at their leisure.

By 2016, the team was prototyping game mechanics and designing puzzles, with an “alpha trailer” completed in early 2017. To expedite the development of Phoenix Springs, a Kickstarter campaign was launched in late July with the goal of raising just over $10,000 by August 27th.

The Mystery of it All

Phoenix Springs is described by Calligram as a “neo-noir, mystery, point-and-click game.” It is story-driven and exploratory in nature, following in the tradition of Firewatch and Dear Esther.

The main character is Iris, a young woman who meets a man in a bar whom she cannot forget. She locates him and discovers that he is a reclusive billionaire with a serious health problem. Her “young” man appears to be dying of old age. To solve this mystery, she travels to the desert community of Phoenix Springs where she encounters a strange group of residents with dark secrets to hide. The game will explore mature themes and promises a twisting and turning plot with character development through dialog and memories.

Gameplay is described by Calligram as “a combination of point-and-click mechanics with multiple choices.” Inventory will be composed of ideas and concepts (rather than objects) and the player will match knowledge gained with the appropriate character or place in the game. calligram’s objective is to “create a focus on discovery and exploration as well as logic, intuition and human psychology.”

The original artwork that has been put forth so far is beautiful and intriguing. This, coupled with the beginnings of an amazing original music score, make Phoenix Springs a game to look forward to. Just Adventure wishes calligram success in the Kickstarter campaign and we will continue to track the progress of this adventure.

The plan is to release the game in Spring 2018 for Windows, Mac and Linux, with iOS and Android versions planned for the future.

For additional information on Phoenix Springs, visit the Calligram website.

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