Narcosis: Descend to the Floor of the Pacific and Try to Survive
Narcosis: Descend to the Floor of the Pacific and Try to Survive
Play an industrial diver whose diving suit is slowly becoming a coffin in this survival/horror game from Honor Code, Inc.
Posted: 05/26/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Honor Code, Inc. | Publisher: Honor Code, Inc. | Platform: Vr, Windows, Mac

Note: This game may trigger episodes of Hydrophobia, Claustrophobia, Thalassophobia, Arachnophobia and/or Bathophobia. No kidding.

Word has it that Narcosis jabs at your fears so effectively, you could be genuinely looney-tunes by the time you finish (particularly if you play in VR).

The game leaves you stranded on the floor of the Pacific Ocean equipped only with a flashlight, some flares, a knife, and your wits (while you still have them, anyway). Unless you're able to make your way to the surface before your oxygen runs know. 

Quentin De Beukelaer, Narcosis director and Honor Code co-founder: The initial idea was to merge the most mysterious, nerve-wracking environment on Earth with a genre that’s all about mystery and wracked nerves survival horror — at the bottom of the sea.

It was decided that two creative guidelines would be employed. Quentin De Beukelaer: By blending a believable setting with the protagonist’s psychological challenges, we were able to get rid of demons, zombies and vengeful spirits. Further... In a situation and setting like this, there’s no good or evil, just a bunch of life forms all trying to survive  our protagonist included.

When we had a chance to test the game on the Oculus DK1, it was love at first sight between Narcosis and VR.

It's hard to step back and see the game as a whole continues DeBeukelaer. But what is encouraging is the response we’ve seen along the way. Before VR  — before we were even a real team  people were excited about the premise, the setting, look and feel. So even though we’ve only given glimpses of the game, we feel like we’re onto something different — and that people will really enjoy.

Narcosis is being constructed using Unity3D. The game will be released for PC, Mac and Oculus Rift at a date TBD.

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