Without Memory: A Third-Person Psychological Thriller
Without Memory: A Third-Person Psychological Thriller
Dinosaurum Games brings us a sombre, ambiguous story for PS4 in which there are no heroes or villians
Posted: 01/30/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Dinosaurum Games | Platform: Playstation 4

Without Memory tells a story of three characters: Anna, a young girl who awakens in a forest without her memory; Christopher, a war hero who has suffered the loss of his best friend; and Leo, who has returned from the future and is looking to alter the present. All three characters are playable.

Explore their tangled destinies in an incredibly bewildering story. You'll find yourself in the past, present and future, and in different versions of the same world.

During the course of the game, you'll discover the truth about human nature, complexity of choice and the burden of its consequences. 

Without Memory is being developed exclusively for PS4. A release date is TBD.

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Randall Rigdon
Solid tree design!
Posted Date : 02/11/2016
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