Stairs: A Descent into Psychological Horror
Stairs: A Descent into Psychological Horror
From Swedish indie developer GreyLight Entertainment comes an old-school, first-person horror adventure inspired by actual events. Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns have been launched, and a demo is available.
Posted: 02/22/15 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: GreyLight Entertainment | Platform: Windows

Visit the Kickstarter page
Visit the Greenlight page
Download the demo (early build; standalone storyline)


Stairs started as a short school project and grew into a full-length game focused on atmosphere, narrative, immersion and puzzle-solving.

Three people have gone missing under mysterious circumstances. Christopher Adams is rather washed-up journalist looking for a big story with which to redeem himself.

Step into Christopher's shoes and try to discover what has happened to these three people. In the process, you'll plummet into madness. The horror won't come from monsters, but from the nature of the narrative. 

Stairs follows several interrelated stories in different settings. Although inspired by actual events they will be presented in a totally different way, allowing players to discover them anew. The style will be that of old-school horror; the kind that existed before many such games became hybrid action-shooters.

From the developer: The world can be a horrifying place, and there are many sick people inhabiting it. We want to remind you of just how disturbed and depraved humanity can be. Stairs is that reminder.

The game will be released on Windows/PC during Summer 2015. It will contain mild fantasy violence and brief nudity.

GreyLight is looking to get Stairs Greenlit, so please vote. A Kickstarter campaign with a base goal of $30,000 (kr250,000) will run until March 18, 2015.

If you love psychological horror (as I do), please be generous and give Stairs your backing. It looks to me as though it's going to kick some serious butt.

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David Kim
Looks pretty cool although I think the lighting is a bit too dark.
Posted Date : 02/23/2015
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