The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief
The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief
Chapter 1: The Eye Of The Sphinx to be released on July 23rd for PC, Mac and Linux
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July 6, 2013 - Point-and-click your way through a whodunnit that pays tribute to gangster movies and classic Agatha Christie stories as you play both investigator and criminal in The Raven.

Chapter 1 of this crime adventure from King Art features the theft of an ancient jewel known as Eye of the Sphinx from a British museum. A raven feather -- the trademark of an infamous master thief called the Raven -- is found at the crime scene.

There's only one problem: the Raven has been dead for four years. At least that's what everyone believes.

Do we have a copycat here? Or could it be that the Raven is still alive?

Inspector Nicolas Legrand, who became famous after apprehending the Raven (so everyone thought), now wonders if he caught the right person. With the new burglary, he's back on the case.

During the game's three chapters, players will travel through thrilling and dense atmospheres and engage in a fast-paced chase across Europe that's full of twists and turns.

Chapter 2: Ancestry of Lies is scheduled for release on August 27th. Chapter 3: A Murder of Ravens is due out on September 24th.

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