Panchito Chepas Alpha Demo Released for PC by Indie Developer Pinodrom Studios (updated August 8, 2014)
Panchito Chepas Alpha Demo Released for PC by Indie Developer Pinodrom Studios (updated August 8, 2014)
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Panchito Chepas Trailer, Screens, Info - July 6, 2014
Visit the Indiegogo page

Two playable demos - one in English and one in Spanish - are now available for PC on the Panchito Chepas Indiegogo page.

Direct links are as follows:
English PC version - 83.4 MB
Versión PC en Español - 83.4 MB

Keep in mind that this is an Alpha demo. Mac and Linux versions will be released when the game is finished.


Updated August 8, 2014

From Developer Pinodrom Studios (Editor's note: posted as received):
Welcome to Papadero Creek, a town full of thiefs, bastards and hookers. You will embody Panchito Chepas in order to trick and steal from all of them. Are your scoundrel skills sharp enough?

There is a crowdfunding campaign currently at Indiegogo, and gold is needed for the game to be made. A DEMO of the game is available to be downloaded and tasted in the crowdfunding campaign, so we strongly suggest that you check it out!

The game tells the story of a once thriving town which has run out of gold now. The despotic ruler of the town will hire a bridge builder to make a way to a new gold mine. Unfortunately for him, this bridge builder’s identity has been stolen by a seemingly innocent guy called Panchito Chepas, which means all that precious gold will be in real danger.

Steal, cheat, be a scumbag! Those are the premises of the game. We focused on the puzzles and the dialogs with the intention of celebrating the Point and Click genre we deeply admire. The graphic style resembles the old european comic book tradition, as we would like the game to be felt like a living comic book.

As our crowdfunding "Pledges" represent different animals, I would like to mention that we are building our particular Noe’s arch, which will be filled with the purchased animals in the form of a poster, in case the campaign succeeds.

Thanks for your attention and a long life to the Point and Click!

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