Van Helsing II: Ink Hunt DLC Released
Van Helsing II: Ink Hunt DLC Released
Have a look at screens and a trailer; content includes four unique maps with strong central storyline
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Neocore Games invites you to enter the dark material of creation and dreams known as the Ink which, according to legend, was used to write the world into being at the dawn of time.

The civil war in Borgovia has barely ended when a strange ethereal gate opens in Van Helsing's secret underground maze. He must then enter the realms beyond the veil of the world to learn what's happening and hunt down those responsible.

Discover four new areas and uncover their hidden secrets:

  • Sanctuary - A gothic town of human refugees, plagued by monsters, haunted by its own reflection
  • Island of Bones - The place where legendary creatures went to die ages ago. Now it's a trap and a prison, where mortals suffer in the hands of the monstrous Collector
  • Inkheart Mines - A secret industrial plant in the Ink, the source of a rare mineral and a dangerous infection
  • Crystal Bastion - An untainted part of the Ink, ruled by someone or something that was slumbering for a very long time... but now it's awake

Important note: You must complete the Van Helsing II campaign with a Veteran character in order to be able to play this DLC.

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