Monochroma To Be Released Wednesday, May 28th
Monochroma To Be Released Wednesday, May 28th
To celebrate, the cinematic dystopian puzzle platformer from indie developer Nowhere Games gets a new gameplay trailer and screens
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News: New Trailer Launched for Monochroma - April 30, 2014

Indie developer Nowhere Studios will be releasing Monochroma on Wednesday, May 28th, for PC, Mac and Linux. In celebration, a new gameplay trailer and screens have been released.

Monochroma is a cinematic puzzle platformer developed in Istanbul. It’s a game about being a kid, growing up with a little brother who needs your help, facing obstacles and solving unique puzzles in an industrial-alchemic world set in the 1950s. The game has been described as Limbo meets Ico.

However, Monochroma is much more than a skilled mix of two great games. It is a deeply visual, intellectual, and emotional experience.

The story of Monochroma has been inspired by the developers’ childhood memories of moving from the countryside to urban Istanbul, and the “Gezi Protests” of 2013, the most violently oppressed protest in modern Turkey.

It's also the story is the relationship between the two brothers, the younger of whom is injured. The player takes the part of the older sibling who must seek help, carrying his brother through a world that's carefully constructed in black-and-white with splashes of red.

Gameplay builds upon this relationship and the unspoken sacrifice between two brothers. Both must survive for the game to be won.

The story of Monochroma will be instantly understandable by players of all nationalities, without any localization required.

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