More Shelter 2 Gameplay Details Are Revealed
More Shelter 2 Gameplay Details Are Revealed
Build and control a family of lynxes in this open world adventure game from indie developer Might and Delight
Posted: 05/17/14 | Category: News | Platform: Microsoft windows

Shelter 2 - Teaser Trailer, Concept Art - May 16, 2014

In Shelter 2, you'll step into the role of a powerful Lynx and explore the wild beauty of nature in vast open landscapes.

Give birth to cubs, and raise and strengthen them by mastering your hunting skills. Do everything possible to prepare them for survival.

Failing to find food will lead to dire consequences. There are many features to master in order to avoid starvation, among them different types of movements, jumps and techniques for hunting prey.

Along with finding food you must make sure to have a good den, see that your cubs drink water from nearby rivers, and call them close when they wander too far away.

Similar to its predecessor, Shelter 2 will create a certain abstract mood via unique imagery and sounds. You will experience nature's borderless beauty and its melancholic rawness.

The game is set for release as a digital download for PC in Fall 2014.

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