Upside-Down Dimensions: An Enchanting and Visually Stunning Action RPG
Upside-Down Dimensions: An Enchanting and Visually Stunning Action RPG
The upcoming game will be the first for indie studio Hydra Interactive Entertainment
Posted: 04/15/14 | Category: News | Platform: Playstation vita, Other

Upside-Down Dimensions Screens and Info - April 15, 2014

Indie developer Hydra Interactive is focused on creating unique, innovative and high quality multi-platform titles that are fun and immersive experiences, and that will catch the imagination of players across the globe. The team is made up of video game professionals who still believe in creative freedom and independence, mixed with a healthy dose of Mediterranean passion.

Daniel Parente, CEO of Hydra Interactive: “It is an exciting time to be an Indie Developer. I’ve been involved with larger traditional studios controlled by VCs for the last few years and it limits your creativity as a studio and pushes you into commercial decisions that you don’t always agree with. Hydra will be pushing innovative ideas, and Upside-Down Dimensions will be a showcase of our creative intentions.”

Upside-Down Dimensions is a tale folded into paper. It's to be a multi-format artistic and genre-busting game. It will create an amazing gameplay experience by combining action, hack 'n' slash, RPG, stealth, platform and puzzles elements. The story will be classic good versus evil, with a forbidden love angle thrown in for good measure.

A peaceful and colorful paper world is about to be torn apart. Hordes of evil are preparing to make their last stand in one final battle to bring ruin to this paper kingdom. In their way are two heroes separated into different dimensions. Play both as they embark on an epic journey to defeat evil once and for all.

Upside-Down Dimensions will be released on PC, Mac, PS Vita and mobile platforms.

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