The Book of Unwrtten Tales 2 to Include Projection Mapping
The Book of Unwrtten Tales 2 to Include Projection Mapping
KING Art says it's all your fault and has a released a video about the process
Posted: 03/14/14 | Category: News | Platform: Other

Considering that 238% of the Kickstarter goal has been reached with nine days to go, KING Art is now adding projection mapping to the point-and-click adventure The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. If you don't know what projection mapping is, you'll just have to watch the video. You still might not understand it, but you'll be treated to some nice visuals to illustrate the process.

As a result of your generosity, KING Art is also looking to hire a vlogger. Click here for details.

Every Kickstarter dollar counts and will go directly into production of the game. Only one stretch goal remains, so please consider contributing. You will have KING Art's undying gratitude! The BoUT2 Kickstarter campaign runs until March 23, 2014.

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