The Perils of Man Chapter 1 Demo Now Available to Download Free on iOS From the App Store
The Perils of Man Chapter 1 Demo Now Available to Download Free on iOS From the App Store
From Swiss indie developer IF Games and co-designed by Bill Tiller, formerly of LucasArts, and 1954: Alcatraz developer Gene Mocsy, in association with award-winning animation studio boutiq
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The Perils of Man is a third person (and some first person) point-and-click 3D adventure game that will test your emotions and your understanding of risk. It’s a game of making decisions and living with the consequences.

A key element of gameplay is a mysterious chronicle of history’s disasters and catastrophes. Unlocking its secrets will open a portal in time and let you timewalk to historical settings from the gilded age of scientific invention.

As teenager Ana Eberling, you will discover a dark history of secrets, controversy, rivalry, and tragedy behind a façade of ingenious scientific invention and celebrated family fortune. You will navigate through a series of strange and perilous predicaments.

Unravel the story that has defined Ana's entire life without her ever knowing. Meet the mechanical finch with a comic flair for understatement, who will be your constant companion.

"What began as commissioned work back in 2012 has turned into an extraordinary endeavor for our tiny studio," says CEO Philipp Zünd, co-founder of IF Games. "Sponsorship set the foundation for us to create an amazing world, and we are excited to expand Perils of Man beyond the original scope and goals with our newly acquired freedom that comes from being an independent studio."

Nathan Ornick, producer and co-founder of IF Games: "IF Games took the initiative to add a huge expansion of content and has funded platform development beyond the iPad to make the game available for iPhone and iPod Touch users, with more platforms yet to be announced."

The free demo consists of the entire first chapter of the game. It represents about 10% of the full game, which has more than 24 spectacular environments, classical and inventory-based puzzles, and mini-games.

The full version of The Perils of Man will offer a complete game experience optimized for touch-native interaction. It will be carefully balanced to challenge both newcomers and fans of the genre on iPad, iPhone and iPod, without any in-app purchases.

The game may be released on PC and Android as well, if demand is sufficient.


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