The Mask Man on Kickstarter
The Mask Man on Kickstarter
Indie developer Driskull, who seems to really understand horror, seeks your support in scaring you as badly as possible in this survival horror adventure for PC/Mac
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Eu-freakin-reca! Listen to this, from one-man indie developer Driskull...

So you might be thinking, what makes this game different from other horror games that are out there on the market? Well, my game hopefully will provide all of its uniqueness within it's atmosphere. Now before you go ahead and say that atmosphere is boring and not scary, let me tell you that it is the fundamental feature within a horror game that makes it scary. Why were we shit scared of Silent Hill? Why were we terrified of Resident Evil? To me it was the atmosphere and surrounding that rather than the monsters and zombies that made those games scary. That is what I want this game to be like.

This developer gets it! I'm turning handsprings!

Okay, I'll settle down now. As I've mentioned, The Mask Man is a survival-horror adventure. In it, you explore a house that holds the sad and chilling tale of a family's encounter with The Mask Man. This encounter ended tragically.

Every room in the house tells a story, and there could still be something lurking in the shadows.

The developer wants to disturb, frighten and shock you by creating an atmosphere that will make you feel as though you're actually experiencing the aftermath of something horrific. The discovery that whatever/whoever caused it might still be there ratchets up the scare factor considerably.

A Kickstarter campaign is in progress until March 28th. Developer Driskull would welcome your support. Now admit it: you love being scared out of your wits.

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