Memoria Demo is Released
Memoria Demo is Released
Daedalic invites you into the game's magical, point-and-click fairytale world for free
Posted: 03/03/14 | Category: News | Platform: Apple macintosh, Microsoft windows

Memoria - Ray Ivey's Video Review - November 7, 2013
News: Memoria, from Daedalic Entertainment and Deep Silver, is Released - August 30, 2013
Memoria Trailer, Screenshots, Info - August 26, 2013

Great news! Players can now jump right into the world of The Dark Eye, begin an enchanting adventure in Memoria and encounter the forgotten legend of Sadja, a warrior princess who has mysteriously vanished, and the intertwining tale of her beloved, the young bird-catcher Geron.

Explore the fantasy world of Aventuria, set against rich, hand-drawn environments, through Memoria's bewitching storylines and exciting puzzles in this point-and-click fairytale adventure.

The free demo can be downloaded for both PC and Mac. Y'all have fun, now!

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