Now You Can Own a Shrine of Talos
Now You Can Own a Shrine of Talos
Searched for the Shrine of Talos in Skyrim and want the real deal? Now you can.
Posted: 12/06/13 | Category: News | Platform: Other
Gaming Heads, a merchandiser that sells doodad, figurines, and all things in between, announced today that Elder Scrolls: Skyrim fans can own a piece of the game's history - the Shrine of Talos. It is now eligible for pre-order at their store.
Talos, once known as Tiber Septim and Heir to the Seat of Sundered Kings, is known around Tamriel as the greatest hero-god of mankind. He's worshipped as a protector and patron of just rulership and civil society. He conquered all of Tamriel and began the Third Era, as well as the Third Empire. When he died, he ascended to godhood as the God of War and Man. Worshiping at his shrine has been known to grant the Blessing of Talos and cure all common diseases.
Sounds like a pretty great guy huh?
The statue comes in two flavors: regular and exclusive. The regular version will be limited to 750 pieces worldwide, and comes in a standard gray finish. The  exclusive version will be limited to 350 pieces worldwide and will be painted in a faux bronze finish. Both versions comes with full-color packaging, a hand-numbered base, and a certificate of authenticity which will allow customers to purchase the same model number in future releases in the Elder Scrolls Shrine Series.
Start saving up now, the regular version goes for $179.99 and the exclusive is $199.99.
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