The A.B.C Murders
The A.B.C Murders
The first title in a series of Agatha Christie-inspired adventure games to be published by Microïds
Posted: 12/04/13 | Category: News | Platform: Other, Ipod touch, Iphone, Ipad
In The A.B.C Murders, Belgian detective Hercule Poirot must solve one of the most intricate cases of his career. The player, as Poirot, will gather clues, check alibis, and confront witnesses and suspects in order to apprehend a serial killer known as A.B.C.

Poirot has been receiving typewritten letters from A.B.C. that reflect the date and location of the next murder. The killer also seems to be following the alphabet when choosing victims: someone whose first and last names start with A, then someone whose first and last names start with B, etc.

Why has the murderer chosen Poirot to be the recipient of these letters?

As Britain panics, the fate of a nation rests in the hands of the player.    

Agatha Christie (1890 – 1976) is the most successful novelist of all time according to Guiness. Known as the Queen of Crime, she left a legacy of 66 novels, 154 short stories and 20 plays that have been translated worldwide more than 7000 times. Many of her titles have been adapted for film and TV.

The A.B.C. Murders will be released on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.
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