Clandestine Announced for 2014 on PC

Use field agent and hacker abilities to solve a post-Cold War spy conspiracy in 2014.


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Danish developer Logic Artists announced today that they plan on releasing Clandestine, a spy-thriller adventure game for the PC set in the mid-1990s, in 2014. The game will feature a dark and deep story-driven plot that will have asymmetrical co-op play.
The story is this: in 1996, five years after the Soviet Union dissolves, a string of accidents and murders have erupted, putting the world of espionage on alert. Former Cold War operatives are being assassinated around the world, both Soviet and NATO agents. No one knows who is doing it or why. 
Co-op gameplay comes in the form of a player playing as a field agent and another as a hacker, Clandestine will have them traveling around the world to use stealth and tactics to find out who is behind the murders.
Check out the official announcement teaser trailer below:
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