VoidExpanse Coming to PC
VoidExpanse Coming to PC
A sci-fi, top-down action RPG set in outer space
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Explore a huge open world, mine asteriods, trade with space stations and merchants and engage in combat with hostile aliens and mercenaries.

Battle to survive in the world of VoidExpanse, a game created with developer Atomic Torch Studio's custom scripting interface, which will enable both developer and players to add any features that can be imagined.

Forge your own path in a galaxy rife with conflict. Shape your journey: be hero, opportunist or renegade. The choice will be yours.

The single-player campaign represents only a small part of VoidExpanse. The game will also be multiplayer-enabled, and all areas will be moddable.

  • Spacefaring action-RPG with open exploration of procedurally generated galaxies
  • Carve out your destiny with extensive skill-trees and ship customization
  • Battle, trade with NPCs, mine asteroids, and explore the unknown
  • Real-time combat with serious dangers; no auto-leveling enemies
  • Play through a carefully crafted campaign, or create your own galaxy in sandbox mode
  • Join with dozens of friends or take them on in persistent multiplayer
  • Every aspect of the game is fully moddable
VoidExpanse will be coming to PC in early-2014.
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