Steve Jackson's Sorcery 2! Continues on iOS with a New Interactive Adventure in Kharé: Cityport of Traps

New players can enjoy Sorcery! Part 2 as a standalone story, while Part 1 players can pick up where they left off


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Part 1

Part 2

Independent developer inkle and author Steve Jackson have announced  that Sorcery! Part 2 is now available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. 

The second installment in a series of narrative games that brings Jackson's renowned 1980s gamebooks into the touchscreen age, Sorcery! Part 2 is an interactive story that can be continued from Part 1 or started fresh as a standalone adventure.

inkle's Sorcery! games put you in the shoes of a hero or heroine on a quest to recover the stolen Crown of Kings.

Enter the town of Kharé. It's a city of traps and murderers, ruled by a Council of Thieves. Explore the streets of the hand-drawn 3D map and visit the inns, shrines, crypts, markets and sewers across 12 detailed interior maps.

Battle weird and ruthless creatures using the game's unique strategic dueling mechanic. Outwit the citizens of the city at Swindlestones.

Wield powerful magic. Choose from over forty spells with powerful, story-changing effects. Unearth the City's turbulent history and discover its hidden secrets.

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