Alone Announced for 2014
Alone Announced for 2014
October seems to draw out the spooky game announcements with Alone releasing in 2014, along with a Kickstarter.
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In what seems to be a pattern this October with horror survival adventure games being announced, Greenwood Games has piped up with an announcement that their first-person horror adventure game Alone will be releasing in the first quarter of 2014. Along with the announcement, Greenwood Games also has a Kickstarter for Alone to help fund the team to keep functioning.
Alone is an interesting case in that it the team says it requires three things: a PC gamepad, headphones, and the Occulus Rift, the 3-D virtual reality goggles. Players in the game sit on a couch in their living room alone, playing a game called 'The Witching Hour'. While playing this game within the game, there are things going on in your house and around you that you won't know are real or not.
For the Kickstarter, Greenwood Games is asking for $25,000 to help keep the team fed, pay rent, and pay team members for their important work. There are several stretch goals such as localization and additional development of new titles. 
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