Dark Matter Now Available
Dark Matter Now Available
Survival horror side-scrolling adventure game makes its appearance just in time for the Halloween season.
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Iceberg Interactive announced today the release of Dark Matter, a side-scrolling survival horror adventure game set in a derelict spaceship. The game is available for the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms. English and German retail outlets will see the release tomorrow.
In Dark Matter, the player takes control of a woman known as the Ensign, who must explore the adrift spaceship Endeavour to stay alive against evil aliens and deadly parasites. The player will have to search rooms, hallways, and facilities to find parts and blueprints to craft tools to keep you alive or create weapons to defend yourself. Complex alien AI will try their best to keep the players on the edge of their seat as they try to survive, with a visual style that is  designed to amp up the horror with real-time lighting and shadow casting.
The full feature list in Dark Matter includes:
  • 14 levels set in a gritty tale of deep space survival
  • Four weapons, each with four ammo types
  • The ability to collect scrap and alien resources to craft tools and health packs
  • Specialized weapon upgrades that enable players to develop their own combat techniques
  • Complex enemy AI that reacts to player actions and tactics
  • Non-linear exploration and storytelling
  • Elemental ammo effects enabling gamers to freeze, dissolve, electrocute or set fire to their enemies
  • Light and darkness are integral parts of gameplay, not just visual touches
  • Uncompromisingly real-time light and shadow casting for spine-tingling moments of pure, darkness-fuelled terror
  • Clean, hand-painted textures and custom-shading techniques are combined in a unique visual style
  • Dynamic soundtrack that adapts to gameplay circumstances
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