Aloha - The Game Released on iOS and Android

With the weather turning chilly, now is better than any other time to send four penguins on an adventure to Hawaii.


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Immanitas Entertainment announced today that Aloha - The Game is now available for iOS and Android devices via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and other app stores. The game is available in multi-lingual format and for free.
In Aloha - The Game players must guide four penguins on a trip around the world to get away from the ice-cold South Pole and to the warm sands of Hawaii. Players will have to utilize touch-screen-based controls in this runner/platformer hybrid to complete this important task (because Hawaii is a great idea this time of year). Each penguin has unique skills and special moves and can be switched among the group. Aloha - The Game also features cartoon-style graphics and comedic cutscenes as the story spans across three different continents.
Check out the official release trailer below:
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