New Trailer for Randal's Monday
New Trailer for Randal's Monday
No one loves Mondays less than Randal, who has been cursed to live the terrible day over and over until all is set right.
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Randal is a main character that everyone would love to hate: a kleptomaniac, sociopath, and an awful friend. To make matters worse, Randal sells his friend's engagement ring in order to settle some debts - this causes his friend to commit suicide and in turn begin the curse of the ring on Randal. Now fated to relive the Monday over and over again. Randal must get the ring back and improve his life, or the universe could collapse. This is the story behind Randal's Monday.
To show off the gameplay of this satirical point-and-click adventure, the developers have put out a video. Check it out below:
Randal's Monday will be releasing on the PC in mid 2014 and "every device or platform accepting bribes".
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