Xbox One's DVR to Record Gameplay During Achievement
Xbox One's DVR to Record Gameplay During Achievement
The Xbox One will record a player's gameplay before receiving an achievement, with the possibility of recording the player's reaction as well.
Posted: 10/07/13 | Category: News | Platform: Xbox one
In information revealed by Xbox Australia product manager Adam Pollington in an interview, the Xbox One will have the ability to record the five minutes of gameplay leading up to the player unlocking an achievement. This could lead to creating easier walkthroughs on the console, as well as bragging rights to show off on video sites like YouTube or Twitch of the player's skill and accolades.
Also mentioned in the interview was that included Kinect could also record the player's reaction, but that feature would be completely up to the developer. 
The interview also has Pollington discussing the new Kinect 2.0, which can now support six players while requiring less space to function.
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