Aloha - The Game Announced on iOS and Android Platforms in October
Aloha - The Game Announced on iOS and Android Platforms in October
Whats four penguins to do when they're bored of the South Pole?
Posted: 09/30/13 | Category: News | Developer: Forge Reply | Publisher: Immanitas Entertainment | Platform: Ipod touch, Iphone, Ipad, Tablet
Immanitas Entertainment, the international operating platform publisher, announced today that Aloha - The Game will be making its appearance on app stores for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets in October in multilingual format. This platformer will be available for wonderful price of free, and will feature high-quality content that is enjoyable for all ages.
Aloha - The Game features Annie, Bob, Max, and Ziggy, four penguins that have had it with the cold South Pole and want a little bit of adventure in their lives. Like any sensible flightless bird, the most obvious answer is to travel to warm sunny Hawaii. Utilizing smooth touch-screen actions, players must pace through three scenarios that are packed with challenges to make it to their tropical vacation. Each of the four penguins have unique skills and special moves that the player must master to get across the continents. 
There is also an endless mode for those that are wanting to see just how far they can make it as a test of personal and mental stamina and skill. 
Keep an eye out iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, and other app stores in October. 
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