Lords Of Xulima Kicks Off Indiegogo Campaign
Lords Of Xulima Kicks Off Indiegogo Campaign
The single-player turn-based multiplatform RPG continues the epic untold story of gods and humans
Posted: 09/17/13 | Category: News | Platform: Other
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Indie game developer Numantian Games has lauched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the development of their turn-based RPG, Lords of Xulima for PC, Mac and Linux.

This ambitious 2D isometric game takes place in a vast and challenging world. The game will be filled with character development, puzzles and difficult strategic combat.

Inspired by legendary classics such as Ultima™ and Might & Magic™, Lords Of Xulima includes enchanting and beautiful visuals, stunning animations, immersive audio, realistic sound effects and exciting quests.

Numantian's goal is to create an immersive environment and a challenging combat system; how you choose to play it will be entirely up to you.

Lords Of Xulima will offer plenty of options to players of all experience levels.
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