Kicksarter Campaign Announced for the Horror-Adventure U55 - END OF THE LINE
Kicksarter Campaign Announced for the Horror-Adventure U55 - END OF THE LINE
Developer Effective Evolutions will bring the game to PC, PS4 and XO
Posted: 09/09/13 | Category: News | Platform: Other, Playstation 4
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U55 - END OF THE LINE is a single-player, first-person action-adventure inspired by classic horror games such as Amnesia, Dead Space and Silent Hill.

It faithfully recreates key Berlin locations such as subway stations, the government district and historical underground facilities.

Players will be immersed in a Lovecraftian-inspired world that features binaural sound effects especially intended for stereo headsets to support the disturbing, adrenaline-driven atmosphere and enhance perception. Further, one of the game's stretch goals on Kickstarter is support for Oculus Rift.

In the story-driven survival horror game, you will play David, an American exchange student who is on his way to the central station to meet his girlfriend. After your subway train crashes, you must navigate through the dark with your smartphone display as your only light source.

You'll confront malevolent forces as old as the universe that break into what we call "reality," but forget about any shooting. You'll have no assault rifles, rocket launchers, magnum revolvers or grenades. What good would those be against entities from realms beyond our understanding anyway? You'll have to survive using your brain rather than brute force.

And throughout the entire game you will make decisions that will influence not only its  progression but also its final outcome. 

"For us, Lovecraft was one of the most important things to begin with," states Malte M. Boettcher, U55's creative director. “Until now, there have been few video games to cite his works in a direct way. We are going back to everything Lovecraft stands for, putting it into a contemporary video game. Longtime fans will enjoy the references while newcomers will be gently introduced to one of the greatest sci-fi/fantasy/horror authors of all time. With U55-END OF THE LINE, we bring Lovecraft's legacy to the modern-day urban setting of Berlin, serving horror fans and core gamers alike. We are sure that the mature audience will appreciate our efforts on a game echoing an intense experience."
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