Mother of Myth by Plenary
Mother of Myth by Plenary
An epic game's odyssey in crowd funding
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Mother of Myth is a 3D action RPG inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. Plenary has started a Kickstarter campaign for the game.

Become a rhapsodist and harness the power of spirits to defeat enemies and help save your village. Fight mythical creatures and discover the hidden truth behind myths and legends.

Mother of Myth is being developed using a custom 3D game engine. The game will offer the following core features:

  • Play the game on your favorite devices
  • Experience engrossing battles
  • Non-stop swipe and combo attack skills to be mastered
  • Harness powers by collecting deity skill cards
  • Craft various items to sell
  • Assemble a team and compete against other players to become stronger

Mother of Myth will be launched globally for iOS, Android and the web in November 2013.

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