Behold the Adventurezator
Behold the Adventurezator
So...what is it?
Posted: 07/10/13 | Category: News | Platform: Other, Ipod touch, Iphone, Ipad

Indie developer Pigasus Games admits that its first effort is a little difficult to put into words. It's sort of like The Matrix: you can't be told what it is; you have to see it. So perhaps some visual aids will help.

Its full name is actually Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly. According to Pigasus, it's both game and meta-game.

When Pigs Fly is the game part. It's a single-player adventure game (or "pre-made campaign") that will ship with the Adventurezator. It involves a human turned pigman named Edmund and a gnome called Zookwinkle. Or something like that.

The Adventurezator is the meta-game part. It will enable players to create and share point-and-click adventures using an emergent behavior system. Pigasus describes it as "Monkey Island (gameplay) meets Little Big Planet (create and share) meets The Sims (look and feel)."

Are you technically challenged? Does the mere thought of scripting make your head want to explode? No problem. The Adventure Sandbox will take care of that stuff for you.

Does having to define behavior of individual game elements sound ridiculously tedious? Well, thanks to Free-form Object Interaction, there will be no need for you to do any such thing.

But wait -- there's more! The Adventurezator will also enable you to create and share characters, edit cutscenes, levels and campaigns, and impress your friends with your (ahem) expertise.

You can't do any of this just yet, however. Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly is still in development. When it's finished, it will be available on PC, Mac and Linux (full software) and on iOS and Android (client only; no sandbox tools). The PC version is targeted for release during the winter of 2014.

Sensing I might have more questions, Pigasus Games then shouts, “Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!” and goes poof...

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