Nicolas Eymerich, The Inquisitor Book 1: The Plague is Released by Anuman Interactive/Microids


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Experience a nasty time in history with The Plague, the first of four chapters in the point-and-click adventure saga of Nicolas Eymerich, The Inquisitor that takes place during the Medieval Inquisition.

In this full 3D game, step into the shoes of Eymerich as he investigates heresy in a vilage in the South of France and discovers that only part of the truth has been revealed.

Eymerich is known for his rigidity, cruel temper and sharp mind as well as his lack of respect for human life. He is the author of the Directorium Inquisitorium, which gives torture and unlimited power the force of law.

Eymerich strips power from the Abbot and becomes the Grand Inquisitor. In Book 1, he will stop at nothing in his quest to discover and destroy the diabolical source of a plague that contaminates the village to which he's been sent.

To fight the Devil, you don't need an angel... 

The game features an integrated help system and is voiced in English, Latin and Italian, with subtitles in French, English, Latin, Italian, Spanish and German.

Nicolas Eymerich, The Inquisitor is based on a prize-winning series of novels by Valerio Evangelisti.

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