Have a Look at Planet of the Eyes
Have a Look at Planet of the Eyes
We're fairly sure this retro sci-fi puzzler-platformer, in development by indie studio Cococumber, won't be watching you in return
Posted: 07/08/14 | Category: News | Platform: Ipod touch, Iphone, Ipad, Tablet

Cococucumber's Planet of the Eyes for PC, Mac, iOS and Android will combine a retro sci-fi aesthetic with dramatic and emotional storytelling. It will make a striking contribution to the tradition of titles such as Out of This World and LIMBO.

Planet of the Eyes tells the tale of a player-controlled exploration robot as it awakens aboard a crash-landed ship on an uncharted world. Compelled to discover the source of a mysterious signal, you must negotiate a wide variety of planetary dangers while also learning more about its hidden purpose through the encoded messages of a surviving crew member. Your fate, as well as that of the crew member and the planet itself, hangs in the balance as you contemplate an ultimate decision.

Planet of the Eyes is partly funded through the Interactive Digital Media Fund of the Ontario Media Development Corporation. It's expected to release in 2015.

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