Enhanced Version of The Lost Crown Released
Enhanced Version of The Lost Crown Released
Includes trading cards and achievements and several gameplay amendments
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The Lost Crown - 2014 - Extended Gameplay Video, Screens, Info - June 11, 2014

To tide us over as we're waiting for the release of the game taking place before the already-released The Last Crown: Haunting of Hallowed Isle (the one we're awaiting is currently called The Last Crown: Blackenrock) and the concluding game The First Crown to issue forth, an enhanced version of the first game in the quadrilogy, 2008's The Lost Crown: A Ghost-Hunting Adventure, has been released.

Say that real fast three times in a row.

The Lost Crown, from Jonathan Boakes/Darkling Room and Iceberg Interactive, is done in eerie black and white with dramatic splashes of color. It includes real-life EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), an unnerving soundtrack and point-and-click gameplay.

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder: “This release is a reintroduction to some of the creepiest graphic horror adventures ever made, now available on one of the World’s leading digital platforms. The new ‘Crown’ games, in development right now, will naturally be graphically superior, but we certainly didn’t want to deny anyone the eerie first installment. If you like to be scared by chills rather than gore, this is definitely a game for you.”

The Last Crown: Blackenrock is to be released later in 2014. Currently, there is no release date for The First Crown.

No other Crowns are affiliated with the four Crowns mentioned herein, be they Lost, Last or First. Accept no substitutes.


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