Stasis, After Crowdfunding
Stasis, After Crowdfunding
A progress report on the 2D isometric horror adventure from indie developer Christopher Bischoff
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A wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised $132,523, along with another $10,000 contributed by backers from all over the world, have enabled developer Christopher Bischoff to devote the past five months to full-time Stasis development.

Further, the Stasis demo has been downloaded over 70,000 times, and Christopher has received invaluable feedback that has been incorporated moving forward.

Christopher has said: “The involvement and continued interest in Stasis has allowed me to make an adventure game  with no limits. Stasis is turning out to be even better than I imagined.”

Along with talented composer Mark Morgan, the Stasis team has welcomed a writer to assist with editing as well as creative writing.

As Christopher has commented: "I believe one of the largest draws for the player is the writing. It deserves as much attention as the graphics and will result in a richer end product."


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