New Trailer Launched for Monochroma
New Trailer Launched for Monochroma
A puzzle-platformer from Istanbul-based indie developer Nowhere Games; demo available
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Monochroma Trailer, Video and Screens - April 30, 2014

Monochroma, from indie developer Nowhere Games, offers a deeply visual, intellectual and emotional experience. Taking place in an alternate dystopian state in the 1950s, the game is driven only by narrative without cutscenes, text or spoken words.

The puzzles of Monochroma speak for themselves. The game features realistic locations, puzzles modeled with accurate physics, and a layered, grim atmosphere that will immerse you for hours.

You play the older of two brothers. You're caught up in a storm as you seek help for your injured younger brother, whom you must carry piggyback. You find yourself in a warehouse and discover that an awful crime has been committed by an evil corporation.

Spread over four chapters, Monochroma is full of paranoia and foreboding. The brothers must solve devilishly clever puzzles as they work their way through multi-storied ghettos, a labyrinth of sewer tunnels, factories and a city-sized zeppelin hovering in the sky.

Monochroma’s producer Burak Tezateşer: “Monochroma is a game that questions the essence of playing a video game. A game might entertain players, make them feel good about themselves, or even help them socialize; but a good game should also be able to satisfy players emotionally and intellectually, make players think about their lives, society and the system they are living in the same way a good movie or novel does.”

The game has been successfully funded through Kickstarter. An early preview demo is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Watch the new trailer.

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