The Breakout Digs An Escape Tunnel Into Kickstarter
The Breakout Digs An Escape Tunnel Into Kickstarter
Indie developer Pixel Trip Studios is asking for your support to return to the Golden Age of point-and-click adventures with a different kind of adventure game
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The Breakout Videos, Screens, Info - April 4, 2014
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With The Breakout, Pixel Trip Studios promises to take players on "a nail-biting, rollercoaster ride for adults."

If you've ever wanted to try to escape from a maximum security World War II POW camp, The Breakout is for you.

The game pays homage to the tense filmmaking style of such movie classics as The Great Escape, as well as the captivating storytelling and characterization found in LucasArts classics from the '90s such as The Secret of Monkey Island.

Be advised, however, that this game will have a darker tone than most adventure games. It will be historically accurate, and offer an authentic portrayal of conditions in a real POW camp. The Breakout is not a game for children.

“The story of a man against the odds, locked down by a ruthless oppressor and striving to be free has always fascinated me,” says Adam Jeffcoat, Director of Pixel Trip Studios. “Dropping him in the hellish conditions of a POW camp during WW2 felt like the perfect setting to take the player on an emotional rollercoaster. Surviving with nothing but his wits, an escape plan and the fierce desire to break free provides that glimmer of hope that keeps a man going above all else."

The Breakout is currently in pre-production. The story is written, the characters are designed and the camp has been mapped out. Currently, Pixel Trip is working on gameplay mechanics and creating a playable demo.

Every penny raised via Kickstarter will be spent on improving game design, gameplay, graphics, cut-scenes, sound and music. Pixel Trip hopes to deliver the game in late 2015. It will be released on PC, Mac and Linux.

The Kickstarter campaign will run until May 12, 2014. If you like what you see, please support The Breakout!

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